Best Cheap Dedicated Windows Server 2018

Dedicated Windows Server

Dedicated windows server give you more control on web hosting solution. Dedicated windows hosting is best for larger work. Furthermore, you able to use Microsoft licenses for taking the advantage of secure and robust system. Dedicated server hosting provide you more resources for web hosting. It is a large server and provided you. This mean that you only a single member own the server. You can utilize the server in a way you want.  Mainly the resources of server are dedicated like RAM, CPU, Network and Storage. With Dedicated Windows Server you able to manage things in better way according the needs. There are two options for having dedicated servers. First one is make one for yourself. But it is not easy. You need to learn many things. Alternatively you can hire a team for setting server. The other method is renting a dedicated server.

Windows Dedicated Hosting Sever

Windows Dedicated server is fastest hosting solution for business owners. We offer you blazing fast speed as well. Furthermore, the network port is dedicated on each server to provide you more boost in speed. With special network configuration, we make sure high performance at each node. The other great feature offered is full root access to server. So, you able to install own tools as well on windows server. Admin access provide more control on server. In this way you able to install SEO tools, Forex trading robots, Scrapers, social media marketing tools, accounting software and many others tools. Therefore dedicated server give you more control, flexibility, high performance and availability.

Dedicated Windows Server

Dedicated Windows Server

Best Dedicated Windows Server

Starting online website is not easy. You need to focus on multiple things including online presence, Search engines optimization, Marketing, google adwords, and Forums, Social media sites, website maintenance and many other things. So, if you want to focus on these things, the hosting should be stable

  • Guaranteed dedicated RAM
  • Blazing fast 1 Gbps network link
  • Admin access
  • Full control
  • User friendly control panel
  • Additional IP
  • More Space can be added
  • SSD storage
  • High performance
  • Great choice for business owners
  • High availability
  • Windows operating system
  • 24 hours Support
  • Unlimited Bandwidth

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